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Joie de Vivre Public Events

Biking, Farms&Food, Community, Wellbeing!


In the true spirit of le joie de vivre, GSCK seeks to "affect sustainable change to diet and lifestyle with education on all aspects of food, mind, and body." 

The Bent Spoon

Let's just say the bent spoon was our inspiration for linking the bike tours to the food. One taste and you'll wonder how anyone eats anything but local, taste-packed ingredients! 


You see the farm with NJ bike tours.

You meet the farmer.

You see the farmer's food on your table at Mistral.

You meet the chef and voila! Farm to table done for real.


A tour to Z Food farm on the Family Friendly with a finish at Mistral. That'll do it.

Brothers Moon

Sourcing from local farms like Terhune, Beechtree, and of course Blue Moon Acres, the moons align for the same farm to table reality for NJ bike tour participants!

Mistral in Princeton's vibrant local fare!



The Trenton Bike Exchange

After another fantastic Farm Roll, I have been asked, as is often the case, "I want to get my family out here riding, and I'm looking for affordable bikes for everyone, especially since the kids will grow out of theirs. What do you recommend?" I recommend the Trenton Bike Exchange. They refurbish used bikes and sell them for as low as $10! If you donate - you don't have to - you get a tax deduction. 

Trenton Bike Exchange can get you on the road with a trusty bike starting at $10!

Bike Events

Cycling Community Events

Farms and the Tables They Serve All on NJ Bike Tours

Farm to Table Tours our #1 sellers


  • Farm to Table meal!

  • Meet the farmers!

  • Insider tips from local expert guides!

  • Picturesque scenery!

History Tours are for Everyone!

See homes of Presidents, celebrated scientists, famous actors!

And Einstien's bike shop. The oldest bike shop in America.

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The Best Views, Best Biking, Best Events In New Jersey!



USA Cycling Ride Membership gets you connected to Team USA Cycling no matter what your cycling level.

  • It's the program for folks who love to cycle, but only dream of doing it like it should be done. 

  • Our favorite benefit is the FREE 1 year subscription to Bicycling Magazine

Princeton Adult School

Learning Never Ends!

  • Classes bring together the best of the collective joie de vivre in the Princeton area.

  • Categories under "Get Moving" "Get Learning" and "Get Doing." How enriching is that!?

Cool Bike Tour Operators

Tell us what you think if you use them. Contact us here.

Austria Bike Tours - NJ bike tours' first European tour

Real Travel France - NJ bike tours' sister company

Thomson Bike Tours - Best climbs on the planet

Cyclo Mundo - French Alips

Bike Spain Tours

These guys are my idols

"Two Wheel Nirvana"

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